Grief Resources

For most people who have lost a loved one, the grieving process does not end at the conclusion of the funeral service—for many, the journey through grief and bereavement is just beginning at this time. This can be a lonely experience, filled with more questions than answers. However, during this journey, it is important to remember that your feelings are normal, and that many have taken this journey through grief before you.

Just like your grief, our work at A. Carr & Son Funeral Home does not end with the funeral. We are there to support you in your bereavement, and we aim to serve as a resource for you during this process. We hope that these publications will help you find solace, strategies for coping, and an explanation of what to expect during the process.

Please feel free to share this literature with anyone who may find it helpful.


Below are links to pamphlets that you may download as a PDF file and print from your own computer. These pamphlets address some of the unique circumstances that may surround your grief, or the grief of a loved one. We hope that you find them helpful—please feel free to share them with anyone who may benefit from the information and advice they contain.

  • When Your Friend is Grieving
  • When Your Child is Grieving
  • When You Feel Grief’s Emotions
  • When You Must Think About a Funeral
  • When You Grieve in the Senior Years
  • When Your Coworker Has Died
  • When You Face Holidays in Grief
  • When Your Baby Has Died
  • When Your Loved One Died Unexpectedly
  • When Your Teen is Grieving
  • When You Grieve as a Man


We have prepared this list of books that you may find helpful as you journey through the bereavement process. This list includes volumes appropriate for every survivor and circumstance, as well as practical advice on managing money and guiding children through grief.

  • What to Read When You're Grieving

Our Library

Our in-house library includes many additional books and pamphlets. This literature is available for you to borrow, and we encourage you to use these resources. If you would like to borrow any of the books or pamphlets listed here, or if we can be of any further assistance in helping you through your bereavement process, please call us at   845-331-0625.